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1. 3 Racing (World Space CAD Industrial Co. Ltd.) hereby known as 3 Racing, World Space CAD Industrial Co. Ltd., we, our company, us, our website, WILL NOT sell, share, exchange or transact in any way customer information with unrelated third parties, these include but not limited to, names, passwords, addresses, purchase records, browser data, payment information or any confidential information 3 Racing may deem sensitive. Detail outlines of such information are listed below. This Privacy Policy applies to the website only.

2. Confidential Information

a. Customer.Customer includes all but not limited to resellers, agents, distributors, OEM/ODM Clients, end users of 3 Racing products.

b. Customer Information. Customer information such as names, passwords, addresses, purchase records are collected during online purchases ONLY. Users may at any time edit, update or delete information stored on our website. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all information entered is correct.
Customers are also responsible for the security of their password and must not be shared with anyone under any circumstances. 3 Racing will not be responsible for customer identity verification beyond our existing system of entering Login name and Password to gain access to our webite.

c. Browser Data. Customer’s browser data of activities of any kind unrelated to our website are not collected by 3 Racing in any way, browsing data of visits within our website ONLY may be collected for our reference.

d. Payment Information. All online payments are handled via and 3 Racing will not request or store customer payment information in any form. Once an order on our website has been finalized, customer will be redirected to to make payment and any payment information will not be shared by with us.

e. Sensitive and Confidential Information. All information of a personal nature collected on our website not listed previously will remain confidential with us, these include but not limited to contents submitted to us via our website such as emails, enquiries, requests, searches, etc.

3. Links to external information. Where there are URLs provided on our website linking to external websites not under our control, we are not responsible for the contents and policies of any sort to these websites and customers are advised to review their policies and conditions before using these website.

4. Disclaimer. 3 Racing reserves the right to change, add, update, alter, modify or delete any terms or contents within this Privacy Policy without prior notice.

5. Using Our Website. By using our website, you hereby agree to be bound by our terms listed within our Privacy Policy, should you not agree or have any doubts about this Privacy Policy, we kindly request that you do not use our website.