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  Sakura D4 1/10 Drift Car(RWD) - Sport Black edition     |  OVERVIEW   |  FEATURES & SEPC.   |  MEDIA   |  PARTS & OPTIONS   |  NEWS   |  DOWNLOADS   |  

KIT-D4RWDS/BK 3RACING Sakura D4 1/10 Drift Car(RWD) - Sport Black edition

We have been receiving feedbacks from the drivers on KIT-D4RWD/AWD and to continues our works on the drifting car, we now publish another drift car “KIT-D4RWDS/BK”.


The differences between KIT-D4RWD & KIT-D4RWDS/BK are:

KIT-D4RWDS/BK main color is mysterious black to replace the fashionable Sakura pink to meet those drivers who want a more masculine looking car.


Main Chassis
KIT-D4RWDS/BK main chassis specially trimmed an area for #SAK-D4827 - Curve Slide Track Steering For ( only )D4 RWD (NOT INCLUDED - Sold Separately) which will allows driver to adjust the slide track easier when it is assembled on the chassis.
In addition, new chassis added 2 new holes at the front and rear for the brass weight balancer #SAK-D4801, SAK-D4802, SAK-D4802A, SAK-D4802B (NOT INCLUDED - Sold Separately).

KIT-D4RWDS/BK comes with mono shock to increase car traction ability and better handling. 
Furthermore less shock means less maintenance and adjustments!

Upper Suspension Arms
KIT-D4RWDS/BK simplified front upper suspension arms allow drivers to adjust the caster angle even easier to meet the difference track needs.

KIT-D4RWDS/BK uses KPI knuckles which can use with #SAK-D301/V2 - D3 & D4 Sport Edition Brake Disc Set (NOT INCLUDED - Sold Separately).

Front Bulkhead Cover
KIT-D4RWDS/BK new design front bulkhead cover included 2 holes for #SAK-D4846 - Front IFS Damper System for D4RWD only(NOT INCLUDED - Sold Separately) assemble needed.


To match with the black color chassis KIT-D4RWDS/BK included sliver color rims making the car looks more stylish!

Aluminum Parts  
KIT-D4RWDS/BK included some black anodized aluminum parts to match with the whole kit black theme. 

NOTE: All above specification and features are subject to change without notice.