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  1:10 SAKURA FF EX     |  OVERVIEW   |  FEATURES & SEPC.   |  MEDIA   |  PARTS & OPTIONS   |  NEWS   |  DOWNLOADS   |  

New high performance front wheel drive KIT-FFEX has the new designs and materials upgrade from the previous FFs.

Using Colors

To fulfilling the wishes of 3Racing fans and drivers, most of the kit comes in mysterious black color and some parts also come with sliver trimming border to replace the 3Racing original Sakura pink color; this change is to create a more powerful and cool looking on KIT-FFEX.

Premium Grade Chassis & Long Upper Deck Design
New trim design on the 2.2mm chassis and 2.0mm top deck; are made of premium grade carbon fiber to make it more durable and toughness to the chassis. The upper deck extended to 22.7mm, makes FFEX has more flexibility to improve the rear traction ability.

3 Gears Transmission System
FFEX comes with 3 Gears transmission system improved the drivetrain efficiency and traction ability which gives better corner speeds.

Premium Grade Bulkheads
New designed front and rear bulkheads are made of premium grade aluminum 7075 increased the durability and firmness. Also provided the sturdy and stable base for the steering system, the shock tower and the transmission system, this is making the whole system more efficient and stable.

Premium Grade Shock Towers
FFEX comes with newly design 3.5mm front and rear shock towers; let you easier to use the alignment bar while assembling; by pressing it on top of towers then screw in all the screws on the upper chassis, can ensure the car is leveled.
ST-027 - 1/10 Alignment Bar:

Big Bore Oil Dampers
FFEX uses big bore dampers to increase its shock absorption ability, stability and also optimize the performance.

Belt Drive Transmission (Optional - Not included with the KIT)
FFEX is possible to change to belt drive transmission to create the best performance on difference tracks situation. To change to belt drive, you will need SAK-F78 Belt System For KIT-FFEX

Delrin Spur Gear
75T/48pitch Spur Gear made of Delrin which is lighter in weight and remains high mechanical performance.

High Grade Differential Outer Joints & Swing Shaft
Differential outer joints made of high grade S2 spring steel, giving the parts more strength and toughness but remain the ductility which means providing excellence impact resistance performance.

2-Sides Open Ball Ends
Upper linkages use open ball ends on the outer joints which can reduce the chance of tires touching the linkage problem. Also can speed up the time on assemble and remove the linkages when drivers want to replace the spacers to modify the length of the linkage to adjust the car steering response.

Titanium Turnbuckles Usages
Whole KIT-FFEX uses Titanium Turnbuckles which can reduce the weight while remaining the strength.

Premium Grade 7075 Anodized Upper Linkage Mount

Premium Grade 7075 Anodized Suspension Mount

NOTE: All above specifications and features are subject to change without notice.