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Sakura Advance 1/10 Touring Car
After KIT-UL2014, we are now introduce you the new 3Racing high performance touring car - “KIT-ADVANCE”. To aim for produce a lighter weight kit, KIT-ADVANCE is meticulously designed, tested, refined by our professional team.

Using Colors

To fulfilling the wishes of 3Racing fans and drivers, 99% of the kit comes in mysterious black color and some parts also come with sliver trimming border to replace the 3Racing original Sakura pink color; this change is to create a more powerful and cool looking on KIT-ADVANCE.

Lightweight Chassis Design
As a result of reducing the main chassis width to 80mm, KIT-ADVANCE weight is reduced; having a streamlined body can also increase the driving speed and better outlook as well.

New Shock Towers Design

Newly designed front and rear shock towers, let you easier to use the alignment bar while assembling; by pressing it on top of towers then screw in all the screws on the upper chassis, can ensure the car is leveled.

ST-027 - 1/10 Alignment Bar:

New Battery Mount Design & New Battery mounting holes
KIT-ADVANCE comes with new plastic designed battery mount to lighten up the kit; however, considered different weight requires on difference races, design team specially added the fiber tape holes on the main chassis which can let the drivers remove the battery mount and use the fiber tape to mount the battery to adjust the car weight.

New Gear Differential Housing Design

New designed Gear Differential Housing has difference numbers on it (1-10, 20K-60K) to allowing the drivers mark down the differential oil thickness with a marker.

Lightweight Differential Pulley Design
KIT-ADVANCE front solid axle uses 40T Aluminum Diff. Pulley; it has a special cutting Design which can decrease the car kit weight even further.

Big Bore Dampers

KIT-ADVANCE uses big bore dampers to increase its shock absorption ability, stability and also optimize the performance.

Open Ball Ends Usages

Upper linkages use open ball ends on the outer joints which can reduce the chance of tires touching the linkage problem. Also can speed up the time on assemble and remove the linkages when drivers want to replace the spacers to modify the length of the linkage to adjust the car steering response.

Moreover, the reason spacers come in pink color instead of black color is to making it more appear obvious so that the drivers can easily view the thickness of it to do the further adjustment.

High Grade S2 Spring Steel

Differential outer joints and front 40mm swing shafts made of high grade S2 spring steel, giving the parts more strength and toughness but remain the ductility which means providing excellence impact resistance performance.

New Stabilizers Design

New front and rear stabilizer is fixed by bearings and adding the sway bar as support to make the car stronger; when turning the weight is evenly distributed which improve traction ability and also increase KIT-ADVANCE stability.

Motor Mount Position

New motor mount position moved 1mm in than KIT-UL2014.

New Gear Adaptor

Newly zero gap gear adaptor design makes two belts connected perfectly avoiding the problem of delay when start the car.

Front & Rear Fan Mounts

KIT-ADVANCE comes with front and rear fan mounts.

Titanium Turnbuckles Usages
Whole KIT-ADVANCE uses Titanium Turnbuckles which can reduce the weight while remaining the strength.

NOTE: All electronics and tire set shown in photos sold separately.
NOTE: All above specifications and features are subject to change without notice.