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  3Racing 1/10 Drift Car AuperD RWD -Version 1.0     |  OVERVIEW   |  FEATURES & SEPC.   |  MEDIA   |  PARTS & OPTIONS   |  NEWS   |  DOWNLOADS   |  

3Racing 1/10 Drift Car AuperD RWD -Version 1.0

Since KIT-D4AWD & D4RWD released we keep receiving the respones on the dirft car and the love for D4. To thanks all the support we respond to our fans request - 3Racing now release a limited edition - fully optioned version of the D4RWD "KIT- AUPERD_RWD".
KIT-AUPERD_RWD comes with fully upgraded parts with the stylish black and golden colors; the chassis no doubt that have a better performance and durability. AUPDERD_RWD is the chassis will give you another level of drifting experience.

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  1. Bullet 7075 all with Black Color anodized
  2. Golden Graphite all surrounded . ( lower, upper deck n Battery Plate )
  3. Grade12.9 Gold chormed Screw
  4. All full Option Show as pictures below
  5. New KPI knuckle
  6. Newest Rear battery mount
  7. Adjustable steering Ackerman
  8. 1.8 ratio Differential
  9. Full Ball Bearing
  10. stealth body mount

Photos is for display purposes only, Rims & Tyres sold separately.
Photos and descriptions depicts pre-production prototype, final production kit may feature minor updates and improvements.