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  Sakura XI Sport 1/10 Touring & Toyota Alphard MK1 Body Set     |  OVERVIEW   |  FEATURES & SEPC.   |  MEDIA   |  PARTS & OPTIONS   |  NEWS   |  DOWNLOADS   |  

KIT-ALPXS 3RACING Sakura XI Sport 1/10 Touring & Toyota Alphard MK1 Body Set

KIT-ALPXS comes with well known Toyota ALPHARD car body with the high quality entry level racing car KIT-SAKXIS (3RACING Sakura XI Sport 1/10 Touring); however due to the size of the body, we have to update some of the parts on KIT-SAKXI-S to become a MEGA version of KIT-SAKXI-S, making the whole kit scale more realistic and balance. KIT-ALPXS is enjoyable for everyone; no matter you are looking for drive or just a hobby collection!

Toyota Alphard MK1 Body
KIT-ALPXS comes with a Toyota ALPHARD body, which the wheel base is 270mm.

FRP Main Chassis and Upper deck
To fit the body size KIT-ALPXS main chassis and upper deck is longer than KIT-SAKXI-S chassis.

Sealed Differential
KIT-ALPXS uses Sealed Differential design.

High Quality Tires

Body Posts
KIT-ALPXS body post is redesigned and different from KIT-SAKXI-S, the front and rear body posts is strengthen to support the ALPHARD body.

Ball Caps
KIT-ALPXS whole kit comes with high quality composite material results in better durability.

Front and Rear Universal Driveshafts

Height Adjustable Dampers & Full Bearing

More information about KIT-SAKXI-S:

Photos and descriptions depicts pre-production prototype, final production kit may feature minor updates and improvements