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  Sakura D4 1/10 Drift Car (AWD)     |  OVERVIEW   |  FEATURES & SEPC.   |  MEDIA   |  PARTS & OPTIONS   |  NEWS   |  DOWNLOADS   |  

3RACING Sakura D4 1/10 Drift Car (AWD)

KIT-D4AWD is 3Racing newly developed 1:10 drift car. The design allows the motor to be positioned in the rear of the car, making the weight more focus at the back and with the ultra wide angle steering system; bringing the drifting to another level.

Full FRP Chassis (Main Chassis, Upper Deck, Front and Rear Shock Towers)

Whole kit including main chassis, upper deck, front and read shock towers all made by FRP. This will reduce the kit weight and increase the durability.

Adjustable Y Shaped Front Upper Suspension Arms

Driver can revise the caster angle easily base on different tracks needs; increasing the kit stability, steering responsive & flexibility.

15 Degrees Front Caster Angle

Front caster angle designed up to 15 degrees; adding more aggressive steering on high speed entries and more closely resembling real life drift cars.

Wide Double-Wishbone Suspension Design

Wide Double wishbone suspension design; allowing KIT-D4AWD for maximum counter steering actions and higher corner entry speeds.

Internal Gear Ratio

KIT-D4AWD Internal Gear Ratio is 1.47.

2-Belt Drive System

KIT-D4AWD using 2-Belt Drive System gives it more high speed stability, and the speed won’t drop quickly during entry; especially keeping the kit in certain speed in high speed entry.

Ultra Wide Angle Universal Driveshafts

KIT-D4AWD included full kit 65 degree - Ultra Wide Angle Universal Driveshafts.

New Wheel Design

New rim design with high performance drift tires upgraded the KIT-D4AWD appearance.

Height. Adjustable. Dampers & Full Bearing

KIT-D4AWD comes with plastic Height. Adjustable. Dampers & Full kit bearings

Estimated Available: Start of AUG

Photos and descriptions depicts pre-production prototype, final production kit may feature minor updates and improvements