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  1:10 SAKURA FF2015     |  OVERVIEW   |  FEATURES & SEPC.   |  MEDIA   |  PARTS & OPTIONS   |  NEWS   |  DOWNLOADS   |  

1:10 SAKURA FF2015

We appreciated every drivers/fans supports and review to KIT-FF2014. 3 Racing have now updated and improved on this kit with the KIT-FF2015.

New 2.25mm Sealed Up Graphite Main Chassis

Whole new 2.25mm graphite main chassis design, increase the flexibility specially turn corners more easily; and by reducing the width to 90mm made the streamlined body will always have the advantage on the speed and not to mention the better outlook.
New main chassis has been designed to use either standard or short battery.

New Strengthen Bulkhead

New 7075 strengthen bulkhead have increased the durability and firmness, and also provided the sturdy and stable base for the steering system and the shock tower, this is making the whole system more efficient and stable.

Adding Reinforcement Bar On Front Shock Tower

By adding the reinforcement bar on the front shock tower gives it added strength so that it can provide the stronger support to the dampers and the fan mount.

Standard 30/40mm cooling fan mount

Allows either 30 or 40mm cooling fan to be mounted without any modifications.

Aluminum Spring Base Cover

After a long time of using the spring base cover it always created the gap then the effective of shock-absorbing will be reduced. By using the new Aluminum Spring Base Cover can easily solve the above problem.

4mm Thick Graphite Rear Shock Tower

4mm thick rear shock tower bring up 4 mm height and with the multiple dampers mounting angles options. Driver can adjust the mounting of the dampers to change the shock absorb level so that can bring out the best performance of FF2015 even on different track conditions.

Bulkhead Cover Screw

Whole new square shape screw design for bulkhead cover make it more convenient and quickly for the driver to adjust the camber angles.


New fashionable rim design for FF2015 making the car has a new stylish appearance.

All above specifications and features are suject to change without notice.