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Sakura Ultimate 2014

We appreciated every drivers/fans supports and review to KIT-SAKURAUL. 3 Racing have now updated and improved on this kit with the KIT-UL2014.

New 2.25mm flexible chassis
New 2.25mm flexible chassis provide more traction ability to UL2014. With adjustable gear ratio function make UL2014 can fit in all race tracks.

New upper deck
New upper deck has added the twisting point; driver can adjust the tightness to help you tuning your chassis traction.

CVD Drivershaft
Driveshaft for UL2014 is used the lighter material, this won’t be effect the shaft toughness but this can maximum the smoothness on the chassis turning.

One piece single arm motor mount
全Redesigned one piece single arm motor mount with ferris wheel design, optimized the performance of the chassis at cornering. With this new design you can speed up the time on changing the spur gear; to replace the spur gear you only need to loosen the 2pcs of screw on the center pulley shaft.

40T Gear Differential
40T Gear Differential made by stiff composite materials with the lighten joins which increased the smoothness and durableness.

Center Pulley 20T Sets 2.0 ratio for stock 20T

Aluminum Battery Holder

Big Bore Aluminum Oil Damper
New updated high-capacity short oil dampers with short springs created the higher stability of the chassis.

15mm Inner Diameter Spring
We provide more optional coils choices on the new short spring; there are 6.5 (BK)/ 6.75 (RE) / 7.0 (BU) / 7.25 (GR) / 7.5 (YE) / 7.7 (WH) / 8.0 (CL).
*KIT-UL2014 only comes with SAK-U314/BU/700 (15 x 7.0 Spring -BLUE for SAK-U314)

Front/ Rear Shock Tower
New 3.5mm extra thick low profile graphite front and rear shock tower are 4mm lower than the Sakura Ultimate that improve the chassis stability. The front/rear shock tower offer a wider range of adjustable shock positions, make the car can drive on any race tracks.

Aluminum Spring Base Cover
After a long time of using the spring base cover it always created the gap then the effective of shock-absorbing will be reduced. By using the new Aluminum Spring Base Cover can easily solve the above problem.

Machined axle joins to increase the strength and durability

Aluminum Diff. Pulley Gear 40T

One Piece Aluminum floating servo mount

All above specifications and features are suject to change without notice.