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1:10 SAKURA FF2014

The all-new 3 Racing 1/10th Front Wheel Drive Touring Car the Sakura FF2014 will not be just an update from the previous Sakura FF but a complete redesigned from the ground up. As always feedback from team drivers, extensive track test data were gathered in preparation of redesigning the FF2014, resulting in a superior handling car that’s much more adaptable under different track conditions.

Standard 30/40mm cooling fan mount

Allows either 30 or 40mm cooling fan to be mounted without any modifications.

Quick release Diff System

Removing the differential on any Front Wheel Drive Touring car can be cumbersome, the Sakura FF2014 employs a much easier system to remove the differential without having to fully disassemble the front bulkheads or gears.
New composite material has been applied to ball caps that has proven to be more secured, stronger and smoother.

New Dual Steering Crank

Newly designed steering crank giving the FF2014 more front section flex and new geometry that results in a smoother steering response.

One Piece Alum Servo Mount

Factory Racing Products Oil Filled Shocks

The FF2014 are equipped with the latest Factory Racing Products specs oil filled shocks featuring premium grade 7075 alum shock bodies, hard and PTFE coated, Titanium Nitride Coated Shock Shafts, machined POM Pistons and Shaft Liners, Octagon shaped easy grip shock caps and pre load adjusters.

Rear Section Flex Optimized

The rear section has been optimized for maximum chassis flex for superior rear traction without sacrificing agility. This is a result of a combination of its small rear bulkhead footprint, two piece pivot pin forward mounts, redesigned upper deck and the additional cavities to the rear lower chassis.

New Rear Shock Tower with added Shock Angles

Newly designed rear shock tower with multiple shock angles options for added adaptability to any track conditions.

Front and Rear anti roll bars with positioning collar will come standard with the FF2014.

New Chassis Cutting for Optimal Flex

New Upper Deck

New upper deck features a revised X shape with 4 mounting screws each end for optional flex adjustments. Note the new machine cut 7075 alum pink anodized screws for added bling.

New Gear Box Gears

Newly designed Gear Box Gears combination has shown tremendous efficiency and durability to transfer the power of any high performance brushless motor to the wheels of the FF2014. The use of two hard coated 7075 alum idler gears with composite spur and diff gear proved to be a much more robust setup than previously with composite gears all round and alum gears as option parts, the two alum idler gears will now come standard on the FF2014.

All above specifications and features are suject to change without notice.