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Since 2009, our first entry lv. chassis - Sakura S has developed till now 2019 have been 10 years already and this series always have been entry lv. driver favorite’s choice. In this 10 year milestone, we have brought you the 4th Version of the entry chassis – ADVANCE S. Advance S is developed based on the competition grade chassis ADVANCE which created a big revolution from SAKURA NU to ADVANCE S. Almost most of the internal parts of ADVANCE S have been redesigned:


SIZE: 370 x 188 x 70mm

Ratio: 2:1

2.25mm Thick.79mm Wide FRP Main Chassis

2.0mm FRP Upper Deck

3.0mm FRP Front & Rear Shock Towers

Front & Rear Bulkhead Design base on the Competition Grade ADVANCE’s Metal Bulkhead Structure.

Use The Same Differential From ADVANCE EVO

Use The Same Composite Suspension Arms From ADVANCE EVO

Newly Designed Composite Dampers

New Dual Center Pulley Design can use either 64 or 48 Pitch Gear

New Motor Mount Is Suitable For Brushless or Brushed Motor

Reverse Dual Bell Crank Steering System Based On The Competition Grade ADVANCE

New Servo Mount

Freely Changeable Upper Linkage Mount

Flexible Design Battery Tray

Included Anti-Roll Bar System

Full Kit Metal Bearings

NOTE: All electronics shown in photos sold separately.

NOTE: Photos and descriptions depicts pre-production prototype, final production kit may subject to change without notice.