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Before going into year 2020, 3RACING has transformed the hot-selling kit ADVANCE (ON ROAD Competition Grade Chassis), the new kit uses mid motor set up. And by using the newly designed Suspension Mount Nut (#SAK-A545) to optimize the flexibility of the chassis settings. New bulkhead width changed from 23mm to 20mm to make a relatively flexible chassis. Center 20T pulley with the efficient design not only reduced the weight but also capable with most of the spur gears on the market. The new ultra-low CG shock tower making the shock tower is 5mm lower than the previous version; therefore it creates more traction. The new version chassis is easier to handle and more stable than the last version – suitable for any driver!

New 2.25mm Graphite Main Chassis

High Flexibility 2.0mm Upper Deck

Ultra-low CG Big Bore Oil Dampers

3.0mm Thick Rear Shock Tower

Suspension Mount Nut For Advance 20M

Flexible Design Battery Tray

Newly Designed Spur Gear Adaptor

Mid Motor Design

Full Kit Metal Bearings

NOTE: All electronics shown in photos sold separately.

NOTE: Photos and descriptions depicts pre-production prototype, final production kit may subject to change without notice.