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  Sakura Advance 2K18 EVO Touring Chassis     |  OVERVIEW   |  FEATURES & SEPC.   |  MEDIA   |  PARTS & OPTIONS   |  NEWS   |  DOWNLOADS   |  

Sakura Advance 2K18 EVO Touring Chassis

Starting from year 2010 the SAKURA ZERO was born, it has been through 8 years of transformations and now the new car is here ADVANCE 2K18 EVO. ADVANCE 2K18 EVO is a head to toe redesigned kit, it is specially designed for improving it handling and running stability.   






·         Newly designed main chassis
Redesigned main chassis moved the servo 10mm forward to increase front end traction.

·         Adjustable hardness chassis 
Motor mount included 5 different screw settings to adjust the chassis hardness.


·         Newly designed front and rear bulkhead
Redesigned front and rear bulkhead allows bearing housing to adjust up and down.


·         Newly designed battery tray
New battery tray makes changing battery more convenience and more affectionately adjusting the CG of the car.


·         New steering system
New steering system has revised the steering angle moving the CG forward to provides better steering responses.


·         Newly designed front and rear suspension arms
New suspension arm is extended 1mm width to increase the running stability.


·         Newly designed rear suspension mount
New designed rear suspension mount is prepared for the future ARS system.

·         Newly designed differential
Redesigned differential increased it performances.  

·         Newly designed front and rear shock tower


·         Newly designed upper deck

·         Uses big bore low profile dampers


NOTE: All electronics shown in photos sold separately.

NOTE: Photos and descriptions depicts pre-production prototype, final production kit may subject to change without notice