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3RAC-FAN10 Aluminium Case High Speed Cooling Fan 7.2V 30 x 30 x10mm (Max.8.4V)

Model No. 3RAC-FAN10
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Aluminium Case High Speed Cooling Fan 7.2V 30 x 30 x10mm (Max.8.4V)
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3RACING Aluminium Case High Speed Cooling Fan, comes with 2 sizes #3RAC-FAN10 - 30 x 30 x 10mm & #3RAC-FAN11 - 40 x 40 x 10 mm.
- Aluminium case indeed is more durable but it could also use as a heatsink and with the high speed fan it can increase the cooling efficiency of the cooling system.
- Useful accessory to reduces ESC or Motor temperatures!
- 2-pin receiver connector plug for fast and easy connection!
- Aluminium black color case with bronze highlight to create a clean and strong look!

Voltage: 7.2 V (Max.8.4 V)
Speed: Reach up to 28000RPM

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