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F113-102/BL F1 Rear Wing Set - Black

Model No. F113-102/BL
Name *** Free Shipment ***
F1 Rear Wing Set - Black
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Carkit Remarks
  • 3RACING KIT-F113
  • ---

    The Race Spec Rear Wing for F1 chassis was designed to provide just enough downforce and stability under racing conditions. Due to the realistic design and looks of direct drive F1 chassis, comes an inherent tendency for on and off power understeer especially running foam tyres on high traction surfaces. This Race Spec Rear Wing will give your F1 Chassis much more responsive handling especially at high speeds. Fits the Tamiya F103 and F104 as well as the 3 Racing F109, the rear wing is made of an impact resistant composite plastic and has proven exceptionally durable under heavy impact.

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