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SAK-F27/PK Aluminium Front Solid Axle For 3racing Sakura FF

Model No. SAK-F27/PK
Name *** Free Shipment ***
Aluminium Front Solid Axle For 3racing Sakura FF
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Price USD 16.88
Gross Weight 35.00 g
Net Weight 13.50 g
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  • 3RACING Sakura FF
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  • 3RACING Sakura FF2014
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    The Alum Front Solid Axle provides the ultimate acceleration and stability but at the sacrifice of tire wear and on power understeering. Recommended under low traction conditions where heavy braking and acceleration is required. Its also useful in rare circumstances where the traction level will cause the front inside wheel to lift during cornering, when using a differential the outside wheel will have close to zero throttle responsivenesss due to most of the power being transferred to the inside wheel, a solid axle would eliminate this problem.

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