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SAK-F21 Fast Gear Set For 3racing Sakura FF

Model No. SAK-F21
Name *** Free Shipment ***
Fast Gear Set For 3racing Sakura FF
Status In Stock
Price USD 5.06
Gross Weight 30.00 g
Net Weight 8.50 g
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  • 3RACING Sakura FF
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  • 3RACING Sakura FF2014
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  • 3RACING Sakura FGX
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    The new spur gear set for the Sakura FF will allow you to expand the range of gear ratios you can use thus accommodating a wider variety of motors making your Sakura FF more adaptable on any size tracks. Made from the same durable composite materials as the standard spur gear the gear set includes 35, 39, 41 and 43 tooth gears making fine tuning your gear ratio easier.

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