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SAK-S04 Suspension Mount Set For SAKURA ZERO S

Model No. SAK-S04
Name *** Free Shipment ***
Suspension Mount Set For SAKURA ZERO S
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Price USD 5.06
Gross Weight 35.00 g
Net Weight 21.00 g
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Carkit Remarks
  • 3RACING Sakura Zero S
  • ---

    Composite Suspension Mount Set allows for Front and Rear inboard toe-in/out plus roll center adjustments. Included are 2 front mounts (0 degree inboard toe angle) and 3 rear mounts allowing the use of either 2 or 3 degrees rear inboard toe-in. The Sakura Zero Alum Suspension Mounts are fully compatible with the Sakura Zero S as replacement Hop Up option parts for tuning of front and rear inboard toe angles.
    Suspension Mount FF-0
    Suspension Mount RF-0
    Suspension Mount FR
    Suspension Mount RR-20
    Suspension Mount RR-30
    Center Pulley Mount

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