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SAK-48/PK Aluminium Oil Damper Set For 3racing Sakura Zero

Model No. SAK-48/PK
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Aluminium Oil Damper Set For 3racing Sakura Zero
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Price USD 33.77
Gross Weight 85.00 g
Net Weight 48.50 g
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  • 3RACING Sakura Zero
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    Aluminium Oil Damper Set is one of standard parts from 3Racing for SAKURA ZERO, the damper is equipped with a thread for adjusting the tightness of the spring, in order to match up different tracks and competitions with varied ride height. The ball joints of the Damper were made from specially designed mold, which highly reduced the tolerance and enhanced the performance of the shock. The body of it also undergone hard treatment process that efficiently raise the hardness and durability. The spring is of 22mm and there will be more springs with assorted hardness available for sale soon. The set is already included in SAKURA ZERO TOURING CAR SET and now available as individual part.

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