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SAK-11 Low Friction Front Belt 522 ( Japan) For 3racing Sakura Zero

Model No. SAK-11
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Low Friction Front Belt 522 ( Japan) For 3racing Sakura Zero
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  • 3RACING Sakura Zero
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  • 3RACING Sakura Zero S
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    New low friction and ultra flexible Front belt by Bando Japan (renown for making high quality fiber and rubber belts for a wide array of applications including life size cars). With stiffness and flexibility being essential in todays high powered touring cars, a fiber reinforced rubber material was chosen over the more traditional all rubber material. The needed stiffness provided by the belts fiber properties prevents belt skipping and stretching under hard acceleration and heavy braking while maintaining maximum durability.

    The soft rubber gives the belt its flexibility and a low drag coefficient resulting in maximum efficiency and an ultra smooth drive train.

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