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3 Racing are proud to announce the release of the Sakura FF, a front wheel drive electric powered touring car.

The Sakura FF has a front mounted motor, placing the maximum amount of static weight over the drive wheels, improving steering and grip, maximising performance. The machined aluminium bulkheads front and rear provide a solid base for the chassis, and provide additional cooling to the motor, with enough clearance for all of today’s brushless motors.

The chassis, top deck and shock towers are machined from fully imported US grade carbon fibre, to provide good looks, strength and light weight. Twin bellcrank steering provides smooth slop free sterring, while allowing ackerman to be easily adjust by way of shims.

Fluid filled gear diff is supplied as standard, allowing you to adjust the handling characteristics by changing the viscosity of the oil, which minimizes unwanted wheelspin during accelaration.

The Sakura FF is designed with Lipo batteries at heart, the battery is located down the centre line of the chassis to maintain optimum balance and is captured at both ends to eliminate the need for battery tape or nasty battery straps that can affect the performance of your racing machine. With the electronics mounted to a removable tray to allow you to easily change out the battery.

There are many shared parts with the Sakura Zero, including the shocks, rear bulkheads, suspension arms, C Hubs, knuckles and uprights. All which are already widely available in the marketplace, helping you the racer limit the amount of spares required.

Share in the excitement of this new class of touring car racing, enjoy the challenge of driving a FWD, and feel the control of the Sakura FF at your fingetips.