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Date Model No. Name Status
3RAC-SC05 M1.6 CS1.6 x 3.5mm Socket Head-Socket (10pcs) New Arrival
BDY-TO14/V4 1/10 Ultra Light-weight Touring Car Body Ver.4 - Volume tc 0.7mm w/ 1mm Hard Rear Wing In Stock
SAK-D332/BK Aluminum Spur gear adaptor For Sakura D3 In Stock
SAK-U130/V2/BK Wheel Adaptor (4mm) - Thick Ver.2 New Arrival
SAK-U130/V2/PK Wheel Adaptor (4mm) - Thick Ver.2 New Arrival
SAK-U421/V3 Center Pulley 20T Sets 2.0 ratio Ver.3 In Stock
SAK-U428A 43mm Swing Shaft For SAK-U428 New Arrival
SAK-XS304/V3/PK 7075 Aluminum Gear Adaptor With 19T Aluminum Pully For Sakura XI Sport Ver.3 In Stock
ST-11/LB Aluminium Setting Stand for 1/10 EP / GP - Light Blue In Stock
TT02-02 Main Shaft Bearing Holder For TT-02 In Stock
3RAC-BE4816/V2 4.8mm Ball End Set - 16mm & 12mm /V2 In Stock
3RAC-BW04 Balance weight (pre-cut) 2pcs with graphite pattern - 5g and 10g In Stock
3RAC-SW07 Stainless Steel 7mm Shim Spacer 0.1/0.2/0.3mm Thickness 10pcs Each In Stock
CRA-147 Tire Set 98mm For Crawler EX In Stock
FGX-114/FRP/V2 Fiber Chassis For FGXEVO In Stock
M07-01 50T Faster Gear Differential For M07 In Stock
M07-15 Aluminum C Hub For M07 In Stock
SAK-27U Suspension Inner Titanium Coated Pin Set For 3racing Sakura Zero In Stock
SAK-D426 Steering Mixing Plate Offset 11mm for D4 In Stock
SAK-D433 KPI Steering Block set For SAKURA D4 RWD Sport In Stock

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