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FGX Front Double Wishbone Suspension System issued on 2012-08-07
New for the FGX is the new front suspension system featuring double wishbones with independent friction dampers plus anti roll bar and droop adjustments. Adding another realistic F1 like component to the FGX, the new suspension features laydown dampers with pushrod and rocker arms exactly like...... [more]
NEW Case Piggy (#TR-180005/V2) issued on 2012-06-11
The new Case Piggy TR-180005/V2 has been given some added personal touch to a simple but essential product. [more]
New F1 Body - JLB03 Type A (#BDY-F113) issued on 2012-05-18
3 Racing’s new F1 body the ‘JLB03 Type A’, made for popular direct drive F1 chassis is our first pure bred F1 race body. Incorporating crucial aerodynamic properties, the JLB03 body features fins on the nose part of the body providing essential front down force, narrow and angled raise side...... [more]
#SAK-X27 SSK Driveshaft For Sakura XI issued on 2012-05-07
3 Racing introduces its own variation of the 3 piece driveshaft designated the SSK Driveshaft designed to allow constant and smooth power delivery to the front wheels under extreme suspension and steering block angles. [more]
Sakura XI D.H. Version issued on 2012-03-13
As part of our ongoing research and development efforts, the result of valuable feedback from drivers and customers, 3 Racing introduces the Sakura XI DH Edition, our latest update to our successful high performance touring car with more traction, more steering and more tuning options. The maj...... [more]
Aluminum Pulley Series issued on 2012-03-07
3 Racing introduces it's own extensive range of belt pulleys for all high performance belt drive drift cars. [more]
3RACING TEAM T-SHIRT FOR TITC 2012 issued on 2011-12-24
Newly release from 3 Racing, our 2012 TITC edition T shirts. The T shirt has been designed with less of a commercialism theme and more emphasis on our passion towards the hobby and should make it more of a casual wear than another manufacturer T shirt. [more]
1/8 Nitro and Electric Touring Car Universal Setup System issued on 2011-12-19
New from 3 Racing the 1/8th Universal Setup System was designed with unique features that truly separates itself from any other system that’s already available. Traditional setup systems has never been able to account for tire diameter variations resulting in inaccuracies and making readjustm...... [more]
Optional Parts For Sakura FGX AVAILABLE! issued on 2011-12-05
3 Racing has introduced a full range of option parts for the Sakura FGX to further enhance its performance and outlook. While the out of the box FGX is good enough to race under most conditions, the new option parts will give racers a wider range of setup options and adapt to any racing conditions. [more]
How to build the perfect SAK-65/V2 3 Racing Ver 2 Gear Diff issued on 2011-09-20
You will need following items from 3 Racing in addition to your Version 2 Gear Differential. [more]

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