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HKU-2001/V3 Tire Truer 2014 tyre grinding machine

Introducing 3 Racing’s replacement of our previous best selling Tyre Truer with the all new 3rd Generation Automatic Tyre Truer Version 3. Improving on all aspects of durability and reliability based on customer and team driver feedbacks with an all new design of internal and external parts.


• All new Controller PCB Board capable of handling higher loads and longer operatingperiods.

• All new internal gearbox made by specialist manufacturers adding more durability and smoother operation.

• All new Tyre adapter for 1/10th foam tyres

• Automatic truing between 30 to 80mm tyre diameter.

• New Cutter Block with finer axle threads for smoother and reliable operation.

• All new more rounded modernized outer casing.

• Disassembly manual now included for easy parts replacement and reassembly.

• New support blocks for more operation stability.

• Dual power source: external power hook up or internal with battery compartment for easy portability.

• Added blind, Pink anodized cutter block terminus-reverse sensor switch.