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SAK-A538 M1.4 x 14 x 20.5 Spring Set issued on 2019-01-03
3RACING releases another Damper Spring Set which consists 10 hardness choices. Driver can choose suitable spring according to different track conditions. [more]
BDY-LRD90 issued on 2017-08-01
D90 Hard Plastic Car Body [more]
BDY-TO14/V4 issued on 2017-03-22
1/10 Ultra Light-weight Touring Car Body Ver.4 - Volume tc 0.7mm w/ 1mm Hard Rear Wing [more]
ST-027 1/10 Alignment Bar issued on 2016-11-04
3Racing new product Graphite Alignment Bar with silver trimming border aluminum cap. A stylish useful tool you should have to avoid incorrect tweaked car which will affect its performance. Push the bar down on the shock towers while tighten the upper chassis screws. [more]
ST-005/V2/BK & ST-008/V2/BK issued on 2016-06-11
Completely new design for ST-005/V2/BK & ST-008/V2/BK [more]
BDY-TO14/V3 1/10 Touring Car Body V.3 -Light Weight ( 96g ) issued on 2016-01-22
Continues the succesful on the 3racing Car Body #BDY-TO14. We are now have an updated on the body and sticker. But still carry the base of the BDY-TO14 which is Molded out of premium quality imported polycarbonate and outfitted with specialized aerodynamic features to give the ultimate amount ...... [more]
LBD-CIVICMK9 - Civic MK9 Body issued on 2016-01-16
Civic MK9 Body is one of the most popular design in racing industry!Putting it on your RC car will make it more realistic! [more]
LBD-ALP issued on 2016-01-09
Well known Toyota ALPHARD car body. [more]
LBD-86TRUST issued on 2015-11-23
Popular Toyota 86 Body x GReddy with tuning Parts, with this awesome body, your car will surely stand out from all others! [more]
ST-026 issued on 2015-01-20
The tool body made by Aluminum and the tap made by High-Speed Steel which provided a high hardness and abrasion resistance performance to the tool. By using the “ST-026” you can easily forms new threads, reforms burred threads & cleans out plastic or metal obstructions. [more]

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