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BDY-LRD90 issued on 2017-08-01
D90 Hard Plastic Car Body [more]
BDY-TO14/V4 issued on 2017-03-22
1/10 Ultra Light-weight Touring Car Body Ver.4 - Volume tc 0.7mm w/ 1mm Hard Rear Wing [more]
ST-027 1/10 Alignment Bar issued on 2016-11-04
3Racing new product Graphite Alignment Bar with silver trimming border aluminum cap. A stylish useful tool you should have to avoid incorrect tweaked car which will affect its performance. Push the bar down on the shock towers while tighten the upper chassis screws. [more]
ST-005/V2/BK & ST-008/V2/BK issued on 2016-06-11
Completely new design for ST-005/V2/BK & ST-008/V2/BK [more]
BDY-TO14/V3 1/10 Touring Car Body V.3 -Light Weight ( 96g ) issued on 2016-01-22
Continues the succesful on the 3racing Car Body #BDY-TO14. We are now have an updated on the body and sticker. But still carry the base of the BDY-TO14 which is Molded out of premium quality imported polycarbonate and outfitted with specialized aerodynamic features to give the ultimate amount ...... [more]
LBD-CIVICMK9 - Civic MK9 Body issued on 2016-01-16
Civic MK9 Body is one of the most popular design in racing industry!Putting it on your RC car will make it more realistic! [more]
LBD-ALP issued on 2016-01-09
Well known Toyota ALPHARD car body. [more]
LBD-86TRUST issued on 2015-11-23
Popular Toyota 86 Body x GReddy with tuning Parts, with this awesome body, your car will surely stand out from all others! [more]
ST-026 issued on 2015-01-20
The tool body made by Aluminum and the tap made by High-Speed Steel which provided a high hardness and abrasion resistance performance to the tool. By using the “ST-026” you can easily forms new threads, reforms burred threads & cleans out plastic or metal obstructions. [more]
HKU-2001/V3 Tire Truer 2014 tyre grinding machine issued on 2014-08-26
Introducing 3 Racing’s replacement of our previous best selling Tyre Truer with the all new 3rd Generation Automatic Tyre Truer Version 3. Improving on all aspects of durability and reliability based on customer and team driver feedbacks with an all new design of internal and external parts. [more]

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